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We are the fastest provider of express loans on the market.


How do I get a mini-loan?

Fill in a simple online application!
Your application will be processed and evaluated!
We send you money without delay on your account.

How can I set up a mini-loan?

You can arrange for a mini-loan free of charge and without unnecessary phone calls.

You can select yourself the amount and the date of payment according to your ability of repayment.
When completing your application make sure you enter your correct data including your functional e-mail address, own phone number and account number.

Have you approved my application?

We will immediately review your application. We will inform you about approval via e-mail in which you also receive your login information into your client’s zone. There are listed all contracts and information.

If your loan has been denied, you will be informed by e-mail. In such case call our customer line 0850 888 888.

When will I have money on my account?

Once approved, we will send you money without delay. We will send you a text about sending you money.

If you have your account in one of our banks, you will get money immediately. If you have another account, count on a longer period of crediting money to your account. The period of crediting money depends also on your bank.

How will I pay back a mini-loan?
A loan from the mini-loan including corresponding retribution, about which we will always inform you, you can reimburse comfortably on the account up to 7, 14, 21 or 28 days. We will send you an appeal for payment via SMS text or via e-mail. You can do repayment of your mini-loan in any of our banks by deposit or preferably through the internet banking.
In order your payments to be credited immediately we created accounts in all important banks. For a prompt and correct registration of your instalment state the correct variable symbol with the payment. We recommend to pay back mini-loan by transfer from the account to which money was sent from us.
Repayment of mini-loan on time

We will always inform you via SMS and e-mail before the deadline of mini-loan payment. You can see your terms and amount of the sum due anytime in the client’s zone at In your own interest, keep your access data to your client, user zone in the appropriate place.

Postponing the due date
In cases when you cannot meet the date of mini-loan maturity, we offer the possibility to postpone this date by an optional period for the future. You only have to reimburse a fee for extension of your mini-loan. You can extend your date always BEFORE the agreed maturity date. For general questions call our helpline 0850 888 888 (calls are included in the price of a local call) or send us an e-mail at